Ice Cool

Ice Cool

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Look no further to soothe puffy eyes, as we combine the plant of immunity, Aloe Vera with an Irish Moss infusion to create an eye cream that is not only soothing to the eye, but hydrating for the skin as well. Packed with Vitamin E from the addition of Almond Oil, this cream helps calm your skin, leaving your eyes feeling uber cool.

Recommended for: Tired skin and dark circles.

IngredientsEvery 10gm contains Irish Moss Inf. (Chondrus crispus) (70.98%), Aloe vera Leaf Gel (19.19%), Oil of Almond Seed (Prunus amygdalus) (8.45%), Potassium Sorbate (1.00%), Ess.Oil of Sandalwood Heartwood (Santalum album) (0.38%)

How to use : Apply required amount under the eye as needed.