About Us

SaND is a passion; a mother’s labour of love; a revelation. It began in 1991, when our Founder and Chief Crafter, Sangeeta, realized that her newborn was reacting to most available toiletries & cosmetics at the time. Being a creative and adventurous person even as a child (she would secretly ride her father’s 250cc motorcycle in her teens), Sangeeta had to find a solution! And so she plunged into the study of skincare. She took up aromatherapy, soap-making, lotion-crafting, and on a whim decided to dig into skincare remedies that her family had previously used. This unearthed a treasure trove of ancestral recipes gathered from her friends, family and community. Using these recipes, her research, and ingredients commonly found in the kitchen or home garden, Sangeeta was always experimenting with new formulae. They worked wonderfully for her child’s skin – so well in fact that the entire family hasn’t used commercial products in years. Over time, she started sampling her creations to friends and extended family. They were so well accepted that a dream to offer it to the market began germinating in her mind.

Then in 2004 came an opportunity to introduce, Pan India, a lovely English brand 'Lush Cosmetics’ with great products, of which she operated over twenty company owned shops across various Indian cities. This gave her tremendous insight into the retail part of the business, and the association lasted until the end of 2013.

Thereafter, armed with a passion for creating innovative products and her retail experience, 'SaND for Soapaholics' was born in August 2014. And now, all these years of painstaking research are available to you!

SaND for Soapaholics - Our range of products include natural artisan soaps, moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care, our creations contain ingredients like fresh ground nuts, fresh turmeric (ambe haldi), finger millet (ragi), gram flour (besan) and several other such skin-friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. These ingredients are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions such as goat milk, buttermilk, saffron infused water etc.
Everyone has heard the traditional maxim - “we are what we eat”. We at SaND take it a step further, as we also believe “we are what we use”. Your skin deserves only the best, and it is for this reason that we have used a combination of edible and medicinal plants that repair, nourish and maintain skin health, to make our safe, pure and highly effective products. Meticulous care and innovation distinguishes everything we do. Not only is our entire product range made from scratch, using quality ingredients, but we also do it all by hand, from mixing and blending, to curing and packaging. Once you buy a SaND product, we promise you you will get hooked!


Sangeeta – Founder & Chief Crafter

Sangeeta has single-handedly created our entire product range. The whole concept of SaND is her brainchild - it has been her dream for about 15 years now, and she is extremely excited to see it finally become a reality. When she isn’t in our manufacturing unit making all the products you love, you’ll be sure to find her hunting for one of the twenty pairs of glasses she’s constantly misplacing.

Devika – Navigator

This 20-something-yr-old first started selling at the age of 11. With a degree in theatre, and performances in several cities under her belt, she finally decided to share her dramatic flair by training other people. It is also her role to grow the brand at different retail spaces & formats. Given her background, she’s the one you want to hear the brand story from. A certified make-up professional, and body caster, Devika is also the artist behind theS?c? The Casting Studio

Nritya – Troubleshooter

Our COO incarnate, this ‘newborn’ from our brand story is all grown up! Nritya's baby is the operations of the manufacturing side of the business. However, even when there's an issue with the numbers, the vendors, or the minutest details of anything SaND, our troubleshooter is up for the challenge. She has a huge sweet tooth so the best way to get on her good side is to buy her a doughnut (or a dozen!) - she’s known to polish off boxes at a time.

Rahmath – Jack of All

The oldest member of our family. With names, numbers and preferences of all customers up his sleeves - he takes customer satisfaction to another level. He's also the one who makes sure that the best quality raw material is found, and found in good time!

Vivek Ganapa – Mounthpiece

In 2013, Vivek Founded a Bangalore/Mumbai-based entertainment company called 'Levitate'- a forward-thinking party crew that has curated some of the most extraordinary experiences for music lovers all across the country. At SaND, his title as the "Mounthpiece" is self-explanatory, to say the least. Other than his musical mind, his strength lies in his networking and marketing skills. Keeping up with today's tech-centric world and his creativity, his job primarily entails spreading brand awareness locally and internationally through all social media platforms.