Healing Touch
Healing Touch

Healing Touch

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Feel rejuvenated when you use this body powder packed with finely milled Oatmeal, rich in Vitamin A and Tapioca Starch extracted from the cassava plant. Enter our sweet smelling Orange Peel Powder and calming Geranium Essential Oil, and this powder will make sure that your skin feels better than ever before!

Recommended for: All skin types

IngredientsEvery 10gm contains Rice Seed Pdr. (Oryza sativa) (54.67%), Corn Starch (Zea mays) (11.33%), Tapioca Starch (Manihot esculenta) (11.33%), Oatmeal Seed Pdr. (Avena byzantine) (11.33%), Marigold Flower Pdr. (Tagetes erecta) (6.80%), Orange Fruit rind Pdr. (Citrus sinensis) (2.00%), Zinc Oxide Pdr. (1.99%), Geranium Ess.Oil (Pelargonium Odorantissimum) (0.54%)

How to use: Apply on face & body whenever required.